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How I became a Papa…

Being familiar with the phrase ‘Who’s your daddy’ doesn’t immediately make you a Papa. Becoming a Papa is measured by the amount of blood, sweat and other bodily fluids one loses during the process. And this process is not just a simple wax-on-wax-off story. A real Papa has no mister Miyagi to turn to. No… A Papa, has to find his own way through the unbearable pain induced by the world he is so vulnerable to. This may all sound lovely but a bit vague, I hear you think. And the force within me already feels the question your mind is forming at this instance. ‘What does one have to do to become Papa?’

  1. Realise you are not as special as you might believe, so don’t take yourself too serious  and find amusement in your own cock-ups

  2.  Realise other people are not as special as they might believe, so don’t take them too serious and find amusement in their cock-ups

  3. Learn an instrument and write songs about it.


Papadom (not to be confused with papadum, which is a thin, crisp, round flatbread from the Indian subcontinent), is gained by accepting these truths in life.


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